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    1995 周穆

    2019-09-05 華語/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
    With 忐忑集TenderG 來自 黃嬉皮YellowHippy ・ 我們真的能平等對人嗎?我們真的能夠有更大的愛嗎? 我們必須要非常留意才行⋯ (當為了追求數字而活的這個人生 已開始自我憑弔⋯ ) 隨著我長大 有更多力量去捍衛自己心中的公平、 有更大力氣去承受更多隨之而來的壓力、 更努力去愛,當我有能力去愛的時候。 ・ P.s. #奶頭樂 #tittytainment 1995年美國舊金山舉行一集合全球500名財界、政界菁英的會議,旨在為全球化的世界進行分析規劃 與會者認為 全球化帶來快速激烈的競爭將使全球80%人口邊緣化 搭上全球化快車20%人口 與 邊緣人口 的衝突將造成問題 為了安慰這些被遺棄的人 避免階級衝突 方法之一是製造奶嘴=令人陶醉的消遣娛樂、充滿感官刺激的產品 填滿人們的生活、轉移其注意力和不滿情緒,沈浸在快樂之中,不知不覺喪失思考能力 奶嘴形式— 發洩性娛樂:例如色情產業、暴力遊戲、口水戰等 滿足性娛樂:例如肥皂劇、明星醜聞、真人秀等 1995年第一支網路股上市,網際網路普及全世界 Awaiting soundlessly for time to extinguish where we’ve been Honestly just waiting for your arrival Simultaneously waiting for your departure short after Before the real sadness, I’ve already savored the taste of heartbreak Before the spring wanes, it has already aged If I hadn’t experienced much, whose shape should I take? Who knows my assertiveness comes from stubbornness, my courage comes from bluntness, my passion from will If I’d understood the responsibility when I trampled the wall, if by holding your hand I’d already known eternity Tell me am I late or leaving too early? If in an embrace I’m no longer confused Could you have seen the way I came? If I had understood resolution in my youth Could I have held the most extraordinary you? Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost Love, what comes after has just started When accepted by someone, when someone says the things you are afraid of or worried about no longer exist Your birth would feel like just moments ago. Floating in the water, can’t believe the way we flow 1995 no reason for slumber, the tunnel you lead is endless Fooling around with you in the karaoke, barely sang anything only Fancy fairy tales told very well Lingering staying deep in my heart You would only whisper “no” while in a struggling surviving hollow But the eugenics are still multiplying I’m bleakly barely getting by because the search of truth is being evaporated or divided From you and me to now only him. Do you remember how to find trust within disappointment? Stop belittling yourself, those are all fictional How have you accepted the past and treat me as if I’m brand new Partners in love no longer perfect being taken a part On a slippery slope, I thought of the color that stained into mine, when I passed you by Reminiscing my reflection in your eyes The way I didn’t need to force myself with your permission The pureness of your essence To love someone in the way you love yourself You warm hand pointing to the last strand of dusk clouds Admiring along with the silence after I left. Mountain Taoist and Murky Ghost 1, 2 No room for your comments. Ultimately, destiny is met, indescribable, irreversible I’ll never return it no matter the ransom, I’ll take care of it in your stead. Take care of it for me but don’t lock it Keep it warm for me without booze Scramble for me but don’t hide Sailors dock, give me a back up Let me chase the process without ending up solo Let me go from vested interest to interested in memory Panic like it’s an express order get mucho serious Minus the distance and virtual mask Stay humble and keep your language strictly managed. P.s. #tittytainment 看更多


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