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    可不可愛 何紫妍 荳荳

    2020-04-16 華語/流行音樂
    《可不可愛》 何紫妍 荳荳 何紫妍 荳荳,一位百變女孩,集主持、演員、歌手、益智手遊高手等角色於一身的她,聰慧、俏皮、無辜又單純的形象已深植觀眾的心。 她是《娛樂百分百》狼人殺單元中展現出聰明、反應快、邏輯分析強又帶著「可愛」特質的選手。 她也是擁有清新氣質的女演員。她可以扮演癡心絕對的柔情女;可以是鬼靈精怪的搗蛋鬼;也可以是相挺無懼的女閨蜜,完美詮釋不同角色,每一部戲劇作品都讓人眼睛一亮。 她喜愛唱歌,出過EP、參加過歌唱大賽,柔美歌喉大受好評。 目前她的演藝觸角正多元發展,但她從沒忘情自己最愛的歌唱,2020年,她要以甜美「可愛」的樂曲與聽眾們的耳朵談戀愛。這首浪漫情歌—「可不可愛」,是由陳大天作詞、狼人殺偶像陳零九跨刀演出。 何紫妍 荳荳,完美演繹了女孩追愛的心情起伏。從羞怯猶疑到下定決心勇敢跨出, 女孩渴望愛、追求愛、大膽愛,歌曲扣人心弦更翻玩她的「可愛」。 聆聽歌曲的粉絲情人們,她要大聲問你們 “可不可” 愛呢? 2020—愛你愛你,愛要勇敢前行, 首選四季都能唱的男女告白情歌—「可不可愛」!   《To Love or Not 》Elaine Ho Elaine Ho, a young talent who is a TV host, an actress, a singer, and a mobile gamer, her image of brightness, playfulness, and being innocent and harmless has deeply melted hearts of the audience. Elaine can be a witty & quick-response player who shows strong logical analysis along with her "cuteness" in the Taiwan entertainment variety show, 《100% Entertainment》Werewolf Kill unit. At the same time, she is also a brilliant actress who can be delicate and exquisite; be mischievous and naughty; be adventurous and daring. Her interpretation of each given character is conspicuous. With passion of music and singing, Elaine has recorded and published a few Eps and attended several singing contests, and her heavenly voice is widely appraised. While she’s expanding and diversifying her performing arts, her favorite is still singing. This year, 2020, she is going to invite everyone to fall in love with her sweet & lovable music. Her latest EP, “To Love or Not”, is written by Daniel Chen and she is performing in its music video with the well-known idol from Werewolf Kill, Nine Chen. Elaine has perfectly interpreted the mood swings in the pursuit of love, from shyness and hesitation to determination to step forward bravely. The desire of love, pursues of love, and bravery of love have been exhibited in this song of her being lovable. To the fans who listen to the song and are in love with her, she wants to ask, “To Love or Not?” 2020 - homophonic to “love you love you” in Chinese, love must be brave. Let us recommend you the song of confession which can be sung by men & women all-year-round: "To Love or Not"! 看更多


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