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    2020-06-01 華語/嘻哈饒舌/流行音樂
    你也被都市消磨著嗎⋯⋯<br />孤身在城市,日復一日,灰澀陰沈地浮游。<br />每一天的工作就像單人房裡的落塵,無論怎麼打掃,都仍會再度累積起來,彷彿徒勞無功的人生。<br />一日比一日更覺渺小,生活會出現翻轉嗎?<br />大都市的頭頂有一朵塵雲,小小的我心底有一層灰塵。<br /><br /><br />P.s. 如果有時你覺得一切了無意義,<br />那是因為你有一顆過於常人的豐富的心,<br />請你一定要守護好心,以藝術和文學的美,餵養你的心。<br /><br />When the dawn breaks and my eyes open, all I see is dust<br />Exhausted and beat, I come back home, a heart full of dust<br /><br />She went ahead, left me behind, a hole in my heart<br />Sometimes I think to myself, this single studio, maybe she’s still around<br />Still looking after me? In the instant glimpse, I thought I saw your silhouette<br />The noisiness of the city, the sounds flooding, drowning, deep into the night<br /><br />At that time you showed, vulnerable and gentle, like the thorn, infiltrating<br />We sink into a vacuum, naked and raw, enthralled in it all<br />Forgetting the once unconditional advocation from outside the bubble<br />Even so, in this moment, I still see you, in all your glory<br /><br />Difficultly insignificant, the haunting solitude, is it all temporary?<br />The future is distant, day after day, the dust accumulating<br />No one inquired, no one responded, all that’s left are obscurities<br />Once like a sweeping hurricane, now it’s all just debris, looming over the flickering dreams<br /><br />Deprived of slumber, I dare not say I’m worn, sluggishly I return to dust<br />My appearance blurring, losing shape, gradually forgetting the meaning <br />Weary and no longer caring, the candlelight indifferently staring<br />Dancing in the dim light, dust permeated, when the flame was extinguished<br /><br />I must clean, I must work, the purpose of our existence as human<br />Does warning work? Does irony work? Loneliness is romantic?<br />Would it work? Would I be useful? Or just wasting away!<br />I live in the dust, the dust lives in me, nothing can escape this adversity<br /><br />I’d rather be dust than become a maggot, I’d fill the ocean relentlessly<br />Time is sedated, the granted existence, from the distant past to this night<br />The present ordinary does not represent a lifetime<br />Heart deliberate, body in stride. Collecting, steadily and sturdily existing<br /><br />You speak so neutrally<br />But how could you<br />I can’t suppress these emotions<br />Powerless against the tide<br /><br />How would you hold the oar on a cruise ship<br />I lie on my back and drift along<br /><br />Guard your boundless heart<br />Yes, your invaluable boundless heart 看更多


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