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    莊嚴廢話 周穆

    2020-09-01 華語/流行音樂
    練習辨別莊嚴卻沒有意義的廢話。 或許文化框架教給我的是垃圾?工廠餵給我的是廉價血汗?媒體加於我的僅是更多的自我批判? 「無用的東西都拋棄吧拋棄吧 / 情緒是無用的東西都拋棄吧」 是真的嗎? 「沒錯!都在作夢!」 下一次別再上當。拜託了。 ・ 這是我們能做的: 讓一個伸張正義者有好的下場,就能激勵更多人鼓起勇氣做對的事。 我們說話,我們倡議,我們喉舌。 World versus world, reality versus reality The trees exchanging whispers with the foliage, the wind dissonant Indistinctly, the grand jester’s lips furling into a smirk Off guard, I was, off guard The goat horn rises from the direction of the dawn The luscious jet black fur replacing the mountain ridges The rays are shaded Who does not see the god in their mind by gazing upon the idol Howling for an eternity at the beach where the giant statues of gods are abandoned In reality, there may not be such exhilarating thinking In dreams, you can create an invincible self Even one tear drop is a sign of weakness One sliver of anger is overreacting Even when you’re awake you are dreaming That’s right! It’s all just dreams Abandon the useless Emotions are useless, so abandon it Abandon the useless, all the useless Emotions are useless, so abandon it (I) can feel your heart is slowly dying from the inside Too close to heartbreak A butterfly lands on your hand Is there nectar in your hand or is it a dream The rain is misty, the sound of god’s drums Polishing the soul’s scent A butterfly lands in your hand Is there nectar in your hand or is it a dream The rain is misty, the waves cerulean The hair on your forehead is soaked Write a letter, lit a stamp, mail it into my dream Past acquaintances, half face on the surface of the water Name and last name, gone Picking up bottled letters, collecting scriptures, is it all just for naught Others’ belongings, shoes that don’t fit No matter how much you like it, can’t be claimed You want it but you can’t, you love it but you can’t, these are called dreams Even when you’re awake you’re dreaming What does it belong Just consciousness clashing If you die in a dream, in a dream You will not wake up Panic is worse than fear It makes one prepare for the worst Hope has left inaudibly Why bother All the praises will halt when death arrives Let words rest, plunge in the water of love Complete, you’ve already been Weeping is just a rainy day We won’t be hurt because we were caught in it River irrigated provisions and carved the palm’s crevices 看更多


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