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    Hanging With You

    Hanging With You Mads Langer

    2021-04-02 西洋/流行音樂
    專輯的封面設計是對標題《Hanging With You》的字面理解。兩隻手互相牽在外面,他們的小手指交織在一起。兩隻手相觸的畫面在當今這個被迫保持社交距離的世界裏顯得尤爲有力。因此,《Hanging With You》所傳達的信息更讓人覺得尖銳。我們懷念身體的接觸。我們渴望親密關係。我們渴望墜入愛河。我們邀請你能夠再給自己重新放一次這首歌,細細聆聽。 The cover art is a literal take on the title Hanging With You: Two hands hanging out, their little fingers intertwined. The image of two hands touching is particularly powerful in today’s world, in which we are forced to keep our distance from one another. And thus the message of Hanging With You feels all the more poignant. We miss physical touch. We crave intimacy. And we long to fall in love. Play that song one more time. Please. 看更多


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    Mads Langer