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    Lightning Mads Langer

    2021-08-06 西洋/流行音樂
    Struck by Lightning With his latest single, Lightning, Mads Langer reminds us of one of life’s most intense experiences: getting struck by lightning. We can all get struck by lightning. It can happen anywhere, anytime. And when it does, one thing is for certain. You’ll go down hard. Shockwaves ripple through your body, you lose all appetite. You can’t sleep, you can’t think. All you can do is lie there, waiting for the kiss that will set you free. Lightning is an explosive pop song that strikes at the heart. Mads Langer’s vocals never sounded better, and they call to mind electrifying eye contact and hot kisses in an open landscape with the heavens high above. Lightning is the latest release from the upcoming album Where Oceans Meet. 看更多


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    Mads Langer