Redeem page

LIVE coupon redeem information
  • Please kindly read the information below before redeem the LIVE vouchers or it would be assumed users already agree all terms of use.
  • Users have to register as LINE MUSIC members with LINE account before redeem the LIVE vouchers.
  • LINE MUSIC LIVE service is only available in TPKM (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu). And the LINE account has to be registered in Taiwan.
  • Each voucher code could redeem once and only for one specific live show.
  • Once the LIVE voucher has been redeemed by specific LINE account, it cannot transfer to another LINE account.
  • Each LINE account only allows to watch on one device simultaneously.
  • LINE MUSIC LIVE vouchers are not refundable, exchangeable to cash or republished. The freemium may be used by users solely for their personal use and may not be used for any commercial or other purposes, nor be used for public broadcast, public transmission, public performance or other uses in public; Users shall be solely responsible for any fees and liabilities under the law incurred due to their breach of this provision or any relevant laws and regulations.
  • The quality of LIVE MUSIC LIVE may be affected by the location, environment, quality of internet and wireless signal coverage, and the usage of mobile communication. Please contact the telecom and internet providers for these issues. Users shall not claim any indemnity or compensation therefor.
  • Please kindly check the browsers and the versions that LINE MUSIC service support as below before redeem the voucher:
       - Mobile web - Android : Chrome 39+、Firefox 41+ / - iOS : Safari、Chrome 39+
       - PC - Windows 8.1+: IE11+、Chrome 39+、Firefox 42+、Opera、Vivaldi / - Windows 10+:IE11+、Edge、Chrome 39+、Firefox 42+、Opera、Vivaldi
       - Mac - MacOS:Safari、Chrome 39+
  • LINE MUSIC reserves the right to make changes to the service in part or in whole at any time without prior notice to users, and may, where necessary, temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of the service.
  • More information please check the FAQ to get more details.