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    Intimacy (International Standard) 親密關係 專輯封面

    歌名Halo 歌手名 Bloc Party

    作曲 Bloc Party


    It was your hair that did it It was your hair that lit the fuse A golden brown halo Like sunlight peering through trees I ask you for the time, but I am asking for so much more A moth to your light bulb, you made my heart beat faster Paralyze me, with your kiss Wipe those dirty hands, on me Maybe we're looking for the same thing Maybe you're the one who will complete me Oh how beauty burns, lips and eyes and fingertips The spark of desire on every point our bodies meet Behind your eyes were stars, infinite and serene How I would suffer for you, you fascinate and magnetize me Sometimes I think, I would float away If this sadness did not weigh me down