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    Journeyman 專輯封面

    歌名Lead Me On 歌手名 Eric Clapton

    作詞 Cecil Womack、Linda Womack
    作曲 Cecil Womack、Linda Womack


    Tell me you love me, but in your heart you know you don't So you lie 'cause you think I want To make believe you love when you don't Lead me on, lead me on Lead me on, lead me on I'll play along and along and along Baby lead me on Lead me on Pretend it's rainin' when the tears flow from my eyes And you're warm when you're cold as ice And everything's gonna be alright And it's a shame, little Johnn wears my name And you know I'm not the one Still you say he is my son Chorus And when I leave to go work for you You cry you're lonely too To make me feel your love is true But in your dreams you slip and tell it all I hear you calling out his name You say you love him loud and plain


    專輯名 Journeyman
    歌手名 Eric Clapton
    發行日 1989-11-06