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    君之千言萬語 - 英語 1 專輯封面

    歌名Heaven Help My Heart 歌手名 鄧麗君


    Heaven Help My Heart If it were love I would give that Love every second I had And I do Did I know where hed lead me to? Did I plan Doing all of this For the love of a man? But I let it happen anyhow And what Im feeling now Has no easy explanation Reason plays no part Heaven help my heart I love him too much What if he saw my whole exstence Turning around a word, A smile, a touch? One of these days, And it wont be long Hell know more about me Then he should All my dreams will be understood No surprise Nothing more to learn from The look in my eyes Dont you know that Time is not my friend Ill fight it to the end Hoping to keep that best of moments When the passionse Heaven help my heart The day that I find Suddenly Ive run out of secrets Suddenly Im not always on his mind Maybe its best to love a stranger Thats what Ive done heaven help my heart Heaven help my heart