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    Stakes Is High 專輯封面

    歌名Stakes Is High 歌手名 De La Soul

    作詞 David Jolicoeur/James Yancey/Kelvin Mercer/Vincent Mason
    作曲 David Jolicoeur/De La Soul/James Yancey/Kelvin Mercer/Vincent Mason


    The most incredible dame style and grace fame all up in my face pretty delicious - Cleopatra really wanna do this chapter light skin - she's a Muslim got my mamma thinking real thoughts "where's my grandkid???" wears a scarf but I see her beauty with it or off don't nobody knows the deal but me and my lord deep thoughts I filling my mind (hitting my brain) with adrenalin (like a train) like she and my child (feeling no rain) calling my name me the king - she the queen wearing my ring got me feeling so loco 24 constantly - never thought so instantly like automatically mentally lost in space but I'm fitting in perfectly feeling alive energetic like a samurai really really high got me feeling pacified keep u to my self u're classified under my distraction I'll be your bullet proof vest u're under my protection Corazonado Prohibidamente enamorado Locamente apasionado Y mi sueo es Estar contigo como la primera vez Pas lo que pas Digan lo que digan La nia ms bonita eres tu solo tu Si mi amor solo tu que conoces Mi forma de rer y mi forma de llorar Te llevo preservada en mi corazn Tengo el sabor de tus labios en los mos Tus ojos perfectos como la noche Cabello como seda que al tocarlo me enloquece No lo quiero pero estoy En la crcel del amor Cupido me ha pillado Felizmente encadenado Love hinted Forbidden in love Madly passionate And my dream is To be with you just like the first time What must be, must be They can say what they say The most beautiful girl, that's you Yeah you my love one, only you know My way of laughing, my way of crying I preserve you safe in my heart I get the flavor of your lips in mine Your eyes, they're perfect like the night Hair like silk, when I touch it, drive me crazy I don't want it but I found my self In the love-jail Cupid has pillaged me I'm felicitously chained. I'm in deep thought I didn't want to get caught U had me from the start hard to live my life without u U like a soul penetrating slug For which I'll mug A deadly hug U make no sense are u for real janat ki tu hoor Chasmebadoor You're aroma Putting newcomers in comas Ready to spend coroners Down to my last dime While other pass u around I keep u close to the last round 4 real mai tera ranhja Baby got me high like ganjha I'm elevating as soon as me and u collaborating I'm hallucinating but who cares U take away tears Enable me to face the world without fears U killing me softly with your innocent grace An amazing creature with a heavenly grow in your face I got no time to waste cause stakes are high You and I like Bonnie and Clyde Imagine us rise My lady Got me feeling - got me open - got my needs All I want that she got My girl Everyday and everyway in anyway


    專輯名 Stakes Is High
    歌手名 De La Soul
    發行日 1996-07-02