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    殘酷天使的行動綱領 MATSURI SPIRIT 專輯封面

    歌名殘酷天使的行動綱領 MATSURI SPIRIT 歌手名 高橋洋子

    作詞 及川 眠子
    作曲 佐藤 英敏


    Courage is the thing you need to find When you're about to cross the line Where there is more than just time to kill War will flow and then blood will spill Tensions are about to overflow Cut with a knife and watch it go Missiles soon will rule the open skies Carnage will rain down from on high 大地を駆け抜けて 進め地の果てへ 靜寂を切り裂き 光 胸に秘め 再び繰り返す 縁を斷ち切り 悼みを抱きしめ 目覚め 狂喜になれ! War is hell but it must be, Dwell not negative signs, Focus your mind to be your guide eternally after all is said and done, what will be, will be there can be no turning back of time, the deed is done all the wrongs are not made right, by wishful thinking he who pays the piper calls the tunes' bitter sweet melody. 広い世界の片隅 翼広げ飛び立つ今 喜びも悲しみも 君の明日を輝かせて行く…