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    2019南面而歌 專輯封面

    歌名女 (TzChien 慈謙) 歌手名 合輯


    Miles and miles I crawled with bare hands They have taught me how to stand but not to walk with legs like a man (I ain't no man) My families, fellows they never would have care They said, honey, already you have rights to state what you care (but we don't really care) 愛多少笑容被拆開 才找有一面無胭脂 叫汝誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 叫我誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 Oh years and years all the doctrines I've been fed They said, honey, you have a pretty face and shape but your brain (It shouldn't be complicated) My families, fellows they couldn't understand They said, woman, a mother is what you should've became to breed an heir (like a fine mare) 愛多少哭聲被拆開 才換來一暝誒安寧 叫汝誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 叫我誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 叫汝誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 叫我誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 同款誒話交付我來講出嘴 我卻變作使性地誒女人 同款誒話交付別人講出嘴 勾咖簡單嘛系人生誒道理 叫汝誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 叫我誒名字 只有一鳥仔哭啾啾 Families, fellows, some time for the song today As a female, I have a life to repent


    專輯名 2019南面而歌
    歌手名 合輯
    發行日 2019-08-30