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    Almanah 專輯封面

    歌名Rain 歌手名 Alma

    作詞 Nina Mavrin/Uroš Merklin
    作曲 Nina Mavrin


    Verse 1: I'd like, to cash in my chips, i oughta I always seem to have more chips than salsa Almost 18 and these child molesters Lookin' at me like a final offer Ever since the 1st day of 9th grade I've been unique like a flyin saucer While i, kept on with dismay Tryin not to sound like a heli copter Stared at with disdain in 8th grade Cuz i, was never good at soccer Or anything reallly for that matter... Hook: x2 Growing pains Growing pains Time to change , Going away Growing pains Growing pains (its a shame) Life is just a Role we play Growing pains Growing pains Verse 2: Things sort of changed When i took on as a rapper I did it as a game, did it for the laughter Later i did it with love, constant vigor And when my parents divorced finally got the life i was after But it was too late I was too strange A child once restrained Let out now astray No one to guide the way An animal once tamed Released in the wild, yeah unfurl my mane But i didn't how to act In this strange place A mouse in the rat race Took me 4 years To acquaint with the quaint ways People in society act these days Took 4 years For people to get used to Ethan And now all i worked for don't mean a thing 'Cuz after spring i'm goin' away Life is a train get in or be late And now that there is no time to waste And people will stay or wait and others will gait... There is something... i'd like to say I'm not ready.. i don't feel sane I know it's lame I am ashamed Pull out a violin so Ethan can cry in the rain I'd like a minute to complain Growing up is a setup by the banks I'll stop i'm just playing going through Insert hook Verse 3: One day AHS will be my alma mater Maybe I will even be a father Why do I even guess and bother I'm not the first And one day I'll Also be a goner Evaluating my own Futility Struggling against the bonds of society They want me to pay taxes and social security I feel it now my time is coming Get a job I detest, buy real estate, independently And I'll find a woman I resent, pretend shes great get married Live a life I hate till its time to leave Everyone does it dang, no one blinks But it just maybe isn't the life for me A way out is just what i need And I really must say I'm in a lot of pain Guess I'm just going through Insert Hook


    專輯名 Almanah
    歌手名 Alma
    發行日 2015-02-12