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    Dark Passion Play 專輯封面

    歌名Sahara 歌手名 Nightwish

    作詞 Tuomas Holopainen
    作曲 Tuomas Holopainen


    Nightwish - Sahara A ballad of dark queen echoes through night As he flees the curse of gods, the pharaoh`s wrath. [Chorus:] One thousand one nights unseen, The philosopher and the queen. Ancient mariner in a sea of sand, The burning beauty his tomb to die for. [Chorus] (Horizon`s swarming with death Run!) Heaven has a darkened face, Dunes are soaring as on a chase. Caravan of the cursed Chasing him across the waves. May he now rest under aegis of mirage As the sands slowly turn to Elysian fields. [Chorus] (One thousand one) [Chorus] (One thousand one) (One thousand one) (One thousand one)


    專輯名 Dark Passion Play
    歌手名 Nightwish
    發行日 2011-12-30