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    Dark Passion Play 專輯封面

    歌名For the Heart I Once Had 歌手名 Nightwish

    作詞 Tuomas Holopainen
    作曲 Tuomas Holopainen


    Nightwish - For The Heart I Once Had Heaven today is but a way To a place I once called home. Heart of a child, one final sigh As another love goes cold. Once my heart beats to the rhythm of the falling snow blackened below. The river now flows - a stream on molten virgin snow. [Chorus:] For the heart I'll never have, For the child forever gone The music flows because it longs For the heart I once had. Living today without a way To understand the weight of the world. Faded and torn, old and forlorn My weak and hoping heart. For the child, for the night For the heart I once had I believe and foresee Everything I could ever be. [Chorus] Time will not heal a dead boy's scars, Time will kill. [Chorus]


    專輯名 Dark Passion Play
    歌手名 Nightwish
    發行日 2011-12-30