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    歌名塵 feat.雷擎 歌手名 周穆



    當清晨起床的時候 眼裡只有灰塵 一身疲憊返家的時候 心底只有灰塵 When the dawn breaks and my eyes open All I see is dust Exhausted and beat I come back home A heart full of dust 她先走一步 又剩我一人 心裡多一個洞 有時我在想 這單人套房 也許她還徘徊 還守著我嗎 轉瞬那餘光 像瞥見妳身影 吵雜的愁城 入夜後任憑 多少聲響湧入 She went ahead Left me behind A hole in my heart Sometimes I think to myself This single studio Maybe she is still around Is she still looking after me In the instant glimpse I thought I saw your silhouette The noisiness of the city The sounds flooding Drowning deep into the night 彼時你展示 脆弱與溫柔 猶如爬藤荊棘 將你我孤立 赤身而裸體 一般心醉神迷 忘記了泡沫 之外的世界 曾經不離不棄 可惜我此時 仍然感覺你 無與倫比美麗 At that time you showed Vulnerable and gentle Like the thorn infiltrating We sink into a vacuum Naked and raw Enthralled in it all Forgetting the once unconditional advocation from outside the bubble Even so In this moment I still see you in all your glory 窘迫的渺小 低迴的寂寥 都是暫時的嗎 未來在哪裡 日復一日地 塵埃一直堆積 沒人去問起 無人來應聲 餘下朦朧殘影 曾經像旋風 都只剩吹灰 籠罩幽微夢裡 Difficultly insignificant the haunting solitude Is it all temporary The future is distant Day after day the dust accumulating No one inquired No one responded All that is left are obscurities Once like a sweeping hurricane now it is all just debris Looming over the flickering dreams 我無法安睡 我不敢喊累 逐步歸於塵土  被抹去面孔 失去了形狀 日漸遺忘意義 無精打采地 那蠻不在乎 冷眼旁觀燭火 昏暗中漫舞 吹熄時揚起 無數懸浮微粒 Deprived of slumber I dare not say I am worn Sluggishly I return to dust My appearance blurring Losing shape Gradually forgetting the meaning The candlelight indifferently staring Weary and no longer caring Dancing in the dim light Dust permeated when the flame was extinguished 必須打掃吧 必須工作吧 生而為人認命 警惕有效嗎 嘲諷有用嗎 化孤獨作浪漫 會是有用嗎 我會有用嗎 或者虛度生命 我住在塵裡 塵住在我裡 沒能倖免於難 I must clean I must work The purpose of our existence as human Does warning work Does irony work Would loneliness work if became romantic Would it work Would I be useful Or just wasting away I live in the dust The dust lives in me Nothing can escape this adversity 寧可為塵埃 不願為蛆蟲 願做精衛填海 時間過多慢 早已經存在 從遠古到今晚 現下的平凡 並不代表著 一輩子的型態 心不疾不徐 體游刃有餘 沈積堅毅存在 I would rather be dust than become a maggot I would fill the ocean relentlessly Time is sedated The granted existence from the distant past to this night The present ordinary does not represent a lifetime Heart deliberate Body in stride Collecting steadily and sturdily existing 話你都說得很中性 但怎麼可以 這些情緒 我壓抑不住 無能為力 抵擋這潮汐 You speak so neutrally But how could you I can not suppress these emotions Powerless against the tide 坐大船 怎麼拿船槳 我面向上 順著流淌 How would you hold the oar on a cruise ship I lie on my back and drift along 守好那顆你 豐富的心 對 你那最珍貴的 豐富的心 Guard your boundless heart Yes Your invaluable boundless heart


    歌手名 周穆
    發行日 2020-06-01