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    Thrill 專輯封面

    歌名Thrill 歌手名 Future Islands

    作詞 Gerrit Welmers/Michael Lowry/Samuel T. Herring/William Cashion
    作曲 Gerrit Welmers/Michael Lowry/Samuel T. Herring/William Cashion


    Blue water Black bible Old river Come quietly Just asking A glass of water They don't know me Don't try me Nobody gonna pick me up I'm falling down And I'm 5th Street. Bound Now nobody wanna fill me up I've fallen down None of my friends around Seen it on the news Looked like me and you Did they hear me calling? Blue water Black rider Keep on rolling Keep on riding Old silver Old Tar River Keep running Black water Old river That old Tar River Just keeps rising Inside me Nobody gonna pick me up I'm falling down And I'm 5th Sreet. Bound Seen it on the news Some never seem to lose They say, the rest are fallen I seen it on the news It wasn't mine to lose Do they hear me calling? (Heavy this leans inside me) Keep Rising (The river seethes) (Parting the ground beneath me) Keep Rising (Just like the sea) Oh, Tar River (Watching it washing over) Tar River (The broken reeds) It grows inside me (Gambling the rushing water) Keeps on running (Over me) Keeps rising (Over me) Keeps rising (Over me) (Over me) Keeps rising Keep rising


    專輯名 Thrill
    歌手名 Future Islands
    發行日 2020-08-12