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    黑-訊息 血肉果汁機

    2017-04-07 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    黑科技是在《全金屬狂潮》中登場的術語,原意指非人類自力研發,凌駕於人類現有科技之上的知識,引申為以人類現有的世界觀無法理解的獵奇物。而黑訊息即是在寫此〈十維度〉、〈MIB〉這兩道訊息並非地球人所留下,為未認證訊息,所以稱為黑-訊息。不過有別於黑科技的是,訊息內容以淺顯易懂的文辭來告訴我們正在遭受什麼苦難、以及即將遭受什麼苦難。 這是GIGO的外傳,GIGO講述宇宙高維度世界中人類無法以肉眼遇見的事情,黑訊息此篇外傳則是講述人類世界裡發生的事情。 此張創作外觀內頁由兩位藝術家包辦: 1.布雷克(Black Zao):因GIGO這張以經書概念設計的專輯入圍了2016年金曲獎最佳專輯包裝設計獎,我們對他的創作只有兩個字:鬼才。此張專輯裝幀部分也由他一手操刀,也同樣創造出有別於一般塑膠殼唱片的設計,在你看到黑訊息外殼包裝以前,請聽聽他對於唱片設計的見解:「為什麼要為了讓人好收納唱片、而去設計讓人好收納的外觀,藝術不應該被框架起來。」 2.熙寺剋(Seazk):隸屬於6號病毒塗鴉團隊,台灣由北到南都有他創作的痕跡,或許你曾經看過但不曾停留。血肉果汁機《天崩大事件》全動畫皮影MV主畫者就是他本人。黑訊息內他所參與的事項就是將歌詞圖像化,讓各位不僅看歌詞找線索也有插畫可以欣賞。 最後在這跟大家強調,我們寫的不是虛構,只是你從來沒接受過這個事實。 縱使有危險,但愛始終連結。 Black tech is the terminology of the novel “Full Metal Panic”. The original meaning is, nonhuman develop, the knowledge above the modern technology. For now, it has extended the meaning to grotesques which cannot be understand by the present world view. “10-Dimensional” and “MIB”, these two messages are not left by earthman, they are unidentifiable, so we call them “Black Message”. Different from black tech, the message uses the words which are clear and easy understanding to let us know what we are suffering and what we will suffer from. This is the sidequel of GIGO, GIGO is talking about what happens in the high-dimension world that human beings can’t see by naked eye. “Black Message” transfers the messages of the human world. This artwork is created by two artists: Black Zao: “GIGO” was nominated as the “Best Album Design” in 2016 GMA. The word we can only comment on him is “wizard.” The new design of “Black Message” is also created by him, it is very different from the usual plastic cases. Listen to Black sharing what he thought about designs of CDs before you see the artwork: “why should I design easy-storage CDs just for the people who can collect them easily? Art should not be framed.” Seazk: Belongs to “Virus No.6”, from north to south, his creations are everywhere. Maybe you have ever seen his artwork, but you never stopped to taste it. He is the designer of the music video “Event of Falling Sky” which is made with shadow animation. This time, he visualized the lyrics of “Black Message”, you can not only look for the clues, but also enjoy the illustration when you are listening to the CD. At last, we are emphasizing, what we wrote are not fictitious, it is, you have never accepted the truth. Even though there is danger, love is always connected. 看更多


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