Subscription type

One time type

Plan information
  • All FUN Plans are only provided to set RT/RBT/BGM for LINE APP (except for music streaming service).
  • 30-days free trial is offered to FUN and FUN Plus new subscribers, paid users who are currently under any on-going rate plan would not be entitled to enjoy 30-day free trial.
  • 30-days free trial is offered only to new subscribers for once, users who have ever subscribed any monthly subscription rate plan could not enjoy this offer.
    For example, Brown subscribes FUN rate plan for the first time, he would get 30-days free trial; while if Brown cancels FUN rate plan subscription then go for FUN Plus rate plan subscription, he would not get 30-days free trial on FUN Plus rate plan.
  • After 30-days free trial ends, subscriptions shall be renewed, and you will be charged every 30 days.
  • For users with Apple device, please upgrade to iOS 13.3.1 or above to use LINE MUSIC ringtone functions.
  • Monthly Subscription rate plan will charge every 30 days automatically
  • One-time rate plan will be terminated after one-time rate plan period ends.
  • Monthly subscribers should cancel subscription before change to one-time rate plan.
  • One-time rate plan users can purchase another one-time rate plan or change to subscription rate plan from time to time. In the event that a user changing one-time rate plan to subscription during the effective period of the current one-time rate plan, the subscription rate plan shall be activated immediately, and the unused days of one-time rate plan would be provided after subscription rate plan ends.
    For example, Brown purchased FUN365 days one-time pass on 1/1, and subscribing FUN monthly on 1/31, FUN monthly would be activated immediately, and the remaining 335 days of FUN365 days one-time pass would be entitled after FUN monthly subscription be terminated and expired.
  • Users on an automatic renewal monthly subscription plan may cancel the automatic renewal of their subscriptions prior to 23:59 of the day before the next monthly payment date; otherwise, the monthly subscription plan will be automatically renewed for any late cancellation.
  • When you cancel a subscription, you'll still be able to enjoy your subscription period which you've already paid. We do not provide refunds or credits for any partial subscription periods. For one-time rate plan purchaser and gift sender, the transaction cannot be canceled and there is no refund.
  • NT$1 would be charged for a temporary preauthorization and would be refunded automatically.
  • Please edit invoice details here.