Valentine (What's It Gonna Be)

Valentine (What's It Gonna Be) Rina Sawayama

2018-02-14 西洋/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
Rina Sawayama是一位活跃在伦敦的日本唱作歌手和模特。她出生并生活在日本,直至5岁的时候和家人一起搬到了伦敦。虽然在剑桥学习的是政治学,心理学和社会学,她最终决定追逐自己的音乐和模特的生涯。起初,在大学期间,Sawayama与Wolf Alice的Theo Ellis组成了一个名叫Lazy Lion hiphop组合。从2013年开始,她开始和同样活跃于伦敦的制作人Hoost合作,共同创作的作品包括了她的首张单曲“Sleeping In Waking”。这首歌和歌曲“Who?”一同作为双主打被Make Mine Records推出。随后,她开始试着以艺名RIINA参加现场演出并发行了另一首单曲“Terror”。2015年,又发行了单曲“Tunnel Vision”。在同一年,她改编了Michael Jackson的歌曲“I Wanna Be Where You Are”,并发行单曲“Where U Are”。2017年伊始,RIINA发行了由Hoost和英国制作人Clarence Clarity共同制作的单曲“Cyber Stockholm Syndrome”。她的首张EP《RINA》也在2017年10月发布。<br /><br />Rina Sawayama is a Japanese singer-songwriter and model, based in London. She was born in Japan and lived there until the age of five when her family moved to the United Kingdom. While studying Politics, Psychology, and Sociology at Cambridge University, she decided to pursue music and modeling. Sawayama was first in a hip hop group called Lazy Lion with Theo Ellis of Wolf Alice during her time at university. Starting in 2013, she began working with London-based producer Hoost, including on her debut single “Sleeping In Waking” through Make Mine Records as a double-a side with the track “Who?”. She would begin performing live and released another single titled “Terror”, experimenting with the stage name RIINA. 2015 saw her releasing the single “Tunnel Vision”. In the same year, she released “Where U Are”, a rework of Michael Jackson’s “I Wanna Be Where You Are”. At the beginning of 2017, she released her single “Cyber Stockholm Syndrome” produced by Hoost and British producer Clarence Clarity. Her debut EP RINA was released in October of 2017. 看更多