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    Yeah Right

    Yeah Right Joji

    2018-05-09 西洋/電音舞曲/獨立/實驗
    在2月的EP “Tongues Deluxe”上取得突破性成績後,Joji今天又來帶了一首新歌"Yeah Right"。這位來自日本的說唱歌手,剛結束了他在錄音室的蟄伏期,又充滿生機地帶著他的音樂回到大眾視野。今年他將在多個音樂節演出。 這首新單曲“Yeah Right”,乍聽之下,讓人覺得是膚淺的派對曲目;但多次聆聽,你會發現一種溫暖的、讓人似曾相識的自我厭惡的情緒。Joji在舒緩的採樣中,加入沉悶的鼓點,配上像水一般流暢清爽的鋼琴聲,製造了妙不可言的特別感覺。 Today, Joji releases his first new music since February’s breakthrough In Tongues Deluxe EP. The Japanese rapper is fresh from an extended studio hibernation and will also be taking his live show to a few festivals this year including Blurry Vision in Oakland, CA this weekend and 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Festival in Los Angeles later this year. New single “Yeah Right” is a return to form for Joji that seems like a superficial party track on its surface, but after multiple listens it reveals itself to have a sort of warm and relatable self-loathing. The track’s muted samples along with its sultry drum machine hits and watery pi-ano make for something special, sure to hold Joji fans over for what’s to come down the line from the 88rising artist. 看更多


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