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    水之湄 惘聞 Wang Wen

    2018-08-07 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    「冰島的Sundlaugin錄音棚外面有一條小河,山上融化的雪水不斷的注入其中,錄音的間歇,打開控制室靠近陽台的門,在屋裡就能聽到水流的聲響。可能因為冰島特殊的地熱資源,即使我們錄音的那些天,幾乎是冰島最冷的時候了,這條小河也沒有結冰,遠遠看去還瀰漫著水霧氣。錄音到現在半年過去了,我已經記不得錄音棚外面其他的地貌特徵了,但這條小河卻始終清清楚楚的留在了腦海裡,它的岸邊除了白雪,空空蕩蕩……」 There’s a small river running outside the recording studio, Sundlaungin, in Iceland. With the snow pack melting and pouring into the river, we could hear the stream gurgling even inside the room if we opened the control room’s door which is nearer to the balcony when we took a break from recording. During the days when we recorded our album, it was the coldest time in Iceland. Maybe because of its special geothermal resources, that small river didn’t freeze. When we looked at it from afar, it seemed to be enveloped in a shroud of water vapor. It’s been half a year now since we finished the recording. I can’t remember other natural features outside the studio, but that small river impressed itself deep on my mind. There was nothing else other than white snow on its blanks…” 看更多


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    惘聞 Wang Wen