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    太陽黑子 Wednesday與壞透樂團

    2018-09-21 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    「太陽黑子」是太陽光球表面形成溫度降低的區域,進而產生黑色斑點的現象 ,WEDNESDAY 壞透樂團在如烈日的普世價值下,成為少數暗影裡的居住者 與觀察者,並建造出一首首冷酷異境與幻境奇景,旋律上的疏離調性看似獨自 綻放,層層交疊的現實隱喻卻像蟲洞般,不斷牽引著內心情緒,要在太陽強迫 進入眼簾之前,躲進陰影裡,撕下被生活曬脫的那層皮。 “Sunspots” are temporary phenomena on the Sun's photosphere that appear as spots darker and colder than the surrounding areas. General tastes and common values are like the sun that forces people to follow and to worship. WEDNESDAY & BAD TO THE BONE is the band lives in the dark side, creating a chilling feeling in this EP by observation of the shadow of life. No matter how heartbreaking and claustrophobic like that may sound, those songs just can grab your visceral, and every notes will literally inhale your soul in deeper and deeper every time. 看更多