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    芽 glow (feat. HAMA)

    芽 glow (feat. HAMA) CORSAK 胡夢周

    2019-04-18 西洋/電音舞曲
    ‘芽 glow’ is the second single from Shanghainese producer, CORSAK. This is the follow up to debut release, ‘Reverse’, which has now registered over 315 million streams worldwide. ‘‘芽 glow’ will first be released in Mandarin on April 18, before an English version is released later this May. Once again responsible for penning the lyrics, the Mandarin version will feature another unknown Chinese vocalist in the form of HAMA.<br /><br />ABOUT THE ARTISTS<br />CORSAK<br />With ‘Reverse’ and an Alan Walker collaboration in ‘Different World’ under his belt already, CORSAK’s two pieces of music from 2018 have now been streamed over 430 million times globally.<br />In 2019 alone, CORSAK’s music has been featured over 2 million times across Tik-Tok globally, while he has been featured online in Billboard and Yahoo. This past March he also spent time with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple at a ‘Today at Apple’ session in Beijing, who posted about meeting him on his official Weibo account.<br /><br />HAMA<br />HAMA is an up-and-coming vocalist based out of Shanghai, China.<br />Featuring across numerous variety shows over the last few years, HAMA has been a regular feature on the fashion circuit where brands have been drawn to her vocals, with her music having been streamed over 5 million times in China alone.<br /><br />SOCIALS<br /><br /><br /> 看更多


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    CORSAK 胡夢周