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    TIME Go Go Machine Orchestra

    2019-06-28 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    沒有華而不實的外飾,這些作品發揮的正是他們本身的特色和理念。他們都清楚,他們本身就是一塊耀眼的寶石。-Less is more 德國建築師Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 專輯音樂介紹: 在這張專輯裡,以對聲響的想像力;將技術發揮至極限,超越現有的範疇。由原音樂器鋼琴和打擊樂器,電子吉他、電子噪音與模組合成器,將不同音色套進多元的色彩,加入極簡主義的元素重新排列,不停的實驗、解構再建構。把聲音拆解成不同的頻率找出那純粹的音樂。 Go Go Machine Orchestra已在這裡,邀請你們進入他們所創造的維度。 Devoid of flashy exteriors, these works precisely display their innate special characteristics and concepts. They are clear and distinct; each one in itself a dazzling gem. –Less is more About the album: This album pushes the limits of sound and technology to transcend any existing categories of music. The amalgamation of piano, percussion, electric guitar and electronic synthesizers creates distinct, multi-layered tones. Elements of minimalism, with its repetitive patterns and incessant experimentation deconstruct and reconstruct, disassembling frequencies in quest of creating that type of pure, unadulterated music. 看更多