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    怪物 Wednesday與壞透樂團

    2019-07-21 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    “爲什麼想要跳進深淵呢?<br />扮成這種社會不接受的樣子。”<br />“可是親愛的,我可就是深淵呢。”<br /><br />曾經有人在 Wednesday 訪談底下留了「怪物」兩個字;曾經有人說他想做自己,外界眼光卻將他鎖在門裡。如果出發的方向只是為了討好,那麼就得無時無刻做出妥協;月光下為自己找路的人,提前見著了生命曙光,卻被指認成怪物一類,那好吧!就用怪物敏銳的五官去嗅聞自由氛芳,用怪物幽深的眼光遙望劍拔弩張的城牆,勇敢並不是因為沒甚麼好可怕,而是在感受到恐懼之前,已經明白等在前方的事對自己來說更加重要。<br /><br />A stranger left a comment "monster" under Wednesday’s interview article just because of her appearance; the meanwhile, a fan told us that he wants to be himself, but the whole world locked him in the other side of the door. If the purpose of life was to please someone else, then you would have to make compromises all the time. People who looking for their own way in the moonlight, perceiving the dawn of life in advance. Sometimes they aren't recognized heroes but monsters kind instead. If the society sees us that way, then we will use the monster's keen sense to smell the freedom of life, looking at the bellicosity city with our deep eyes. Braveness doesn’t mean not to fear. Instead, it means to realize something will be worth pursuing in the road ahead before feeling the fear. That’s what we call bravenes 看更多


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