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    Salama 查勞.巴西瓦里

    2019-05-31 華語/流行音樂
    In the Pangcah Language, "Salama" means "to play"<br />In Madagascar, the word is friendly greeting meaning "hello"

<br />回溯至5200年前,南島語系漸漸成形。時間為生命萬物之母,漫步推移下孕育出完整脈絡,滲透到台灣、菲律賓、印度洋、島嶼東南亞、太平洋各地,再與當地根性的血緣文化揉合且緊密膠結產生些微變化,一切有如厚實沈積岩般的留下先民的足跡直至今日。<br /><br />當來自台灣阿美族的查勞・巴西瓦里遇上馬達加斯加裔的世界音樂大師 Kilema,兩人血液皆攜帶著祖先流傳下來的通關密語。『Salama!』Kilema用馬達加斯加語向查勞・巴西瓦里呼喚『你好啊!』。有趣的是,『Salama』在阿美族語中是『玩』的意思。<br /><br />語言與音樂的共鳴,讓來自不同成長背景的兩人像是重逢的手足。一來一往交流自己的族語、演奏族裡的傳統樂器,這一切將持續被呵護保存著並驕傲的向世界展現原民文化的美。<br /><br />Asia meets the edge of Africa in "Salama," a project led by two indigenous musicians: Chalaw is a Pangcah (Amis) Aboriginal from Taiwan; Kilema represents Malagasy culture from Madagascar. Though their homelands are oceans apart, the two share a common linguistic heritage, as the Pangcah and Malagasy languages are both of Austronesian origin. With a history of 5,000 years, Austronesian peoples are concentrated throughout across Southeast Asia and Oceania, and they migrated as far as East Africa.<br /><br />"Salama" has a double meaning. In Kilema's native Malagasy tongue, it is a warm and friendly greeting that means "hello," while in Chalaw's native Pangcah language, it means "play." "Hello -- let's play!" This sums of the spirit of this ongoing collaboration, which began in 2014 with "Polynesia," an album that melds modern acoustic pop sounds such as bossa nova and reggae with traditional indigenous music from Taiwan and Madagascar. <br /><br />About the Musicians<br />Chalaw is an award-winning Amis indigenous singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer from Taiwan. In 2015, his album "Polynesia" earned him the Best Aboriginal Singer award at the Golden Melody Awards, the highest music honor in the Chinese speaking world, as well as the best songwriter accolade at the Golden Indie Awards.<br /><br />Kilema is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and "ambassador" for Madagascarian music. He is a master of a handful of traditional stringed instruments including the Marovany, a large wooden harp. Based in Spain, Kilema regularly performs on the World Music circuit in the US, Europe, and Asia. He is also a music educator. 看更多