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    好南 RPG

    2019-08-27 華語/嘻哈饒舌
    「 按下還沒忘的號碼 / 沒接通掛了電話 / 想要輕鬆的交談 / 那是最困難的立場 」<br /><br />「好南」的英文歌名「Go South」字面上看起來是「前往南方」的意思,<br />但其實「Go South」也是個片語,指「情況變糟、事情失敗」的意思。<br /><br />車往墾丁開,這裡好南,英文也好難,再跟你說上話,真的好難。<br />There were a music festival named "Spring Scream" in Kenting, a beautiful seaside recreation area located in southern Taiwan, since 1995. Music lovers used to gather together every April as an annual routine. <br /><br />The mandarin song tile "好南" literally means (This Kenting place) is at the very south side (of Taiwan). Yet "好南" is also the homonym of "好難", which means (It is) so hard to (re-visit Kenintg with memories of past relationship.) The feelings inside started to go south while going south literally. 看更多


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