2019-09-24 華語/流行音樂
《BULLET TO THE HEART》是你遇到挫折時的徹心之痛。深愛的人,最在意的事,往往卻會給自己帶來徹心之痛。這些好似不可控的傷害,一顆顆穿透心臟,直至內心。閉上眼睛,《BULLET TO THE HEART》展示的就是你受傷後抽象的純白色精神世界。愛情、親情、工作、社會…相信你一定也曾有過身不由己,表面對世界強顏歡笑,內心卻是如同過膛般痛苦難熬的時刻。受傷後可以離開,但我依舊選擇留在原地。因為I love you too much.這是勇氣,更是擔當。<br /><br />《BULLET TO THE HEART》這首曲目用簡潔的器樂配置,以新世代的 urban sound描繪了王嘉爾直面內心時的堅定。嘶啞的聲線帶來最真實的撕心裂肺疼痛感,勾勒出一曲深情的當代都市律動。MV 的打造上亦採用極簡理念,純白配色佈景空間突出“內心糾葛”的矛盾感,打造極簡前衛的東方視覺美學。<br /><br />Triple-threat Jackson Wang is a Chinese rapper, singer and dancer and also currently the lead member of phenomenon K-pop group GOT7 based in South Korea. Jackson is breaking out in true form with his newest solo single, “BULLET TO THE HEART” today via Western and 6th. A soulful pop record that pairs minimalist instrumentation and galvanizing 808s with Jackson’s distinct voice and emotionally entangled lyrics, “BULLET TO THE HEART” highlights the artist’s steadfastness in the face of pain and hardship.<br /><br />To coincide with the single, Jackson has also released the music video for “BULLET TO THE HEART” today. Directed by Daniel Cloud Campos, whose credits include Zedd, Paramore, and Panic! at the Disco, among others, the music video compliments the inner-struggle of Jackson’s lyrics -- as represented by an enigmatic femme fatale figure who has captured Jackson’s attention and exudes control over his feelings.<br /><br />Jackson explains “Listeners might analyze the song as a love story. It is, but it’s also applicable to much more than romantic love. We always face different obstacles in life.No matter how successful you are, hardships are still going to keep coming like an endless cycle; they will keep torturing you on this journey to success. A perspective that I am trying to portray is that when your passion and dedication to something are so strong, they can hold a large amount of power over you! So powerful that you are willing to repeat this endless cycle, willing to accept the torture. I believe we are able to endure and accomplish anything because love overcomes everything” 看更多