These Nights

These Nights 88rising

2019-10-03 西洋/流行音樂
88rising的全員專輯《Head In The Clouds II》將於10月11日正式發行! 作為專輯的第四首單曲,《These Nights》由廠牌旗下藝人Rich Brian和K-pop超級巨星金請夏CHUNG HA之間的突破性合作。《These Nights》是一首充滿力量的80年代風格愛情民謠,具有朗朗上口的合唱部分,縈繞心頭的精良製作和動人的主題。 繼之前發佈的專輯前三首單曲 - 印尼R&B/pop當紅歌手NIKI的“Indigo”,日本新晉舞曲組合RHYME SO的“Just Used Music Again”,以及由《Head in the Clouds II》專輯執行製作人Joji和Don Krez合作的單曲“Breathe”。“These Nights”是在《Head In The Clouds II》專輯發佈前對整張專輯的最後一瞥。 來自印尼雅加達年僅20歲的Rich Brian經歷了令人難以置信的一年。從帶著Dave Meyers執導的“Yellow”MV驚豔整個互聯網,到在總統府會議期間贏得印尼總統的稱讚,並在全球進行巡演,Rich Brian已經進一步的擴大了他的創作規模。在發佈備受好評的專輯《The Sailor》之後,“These Nights”將是Rich Brian在88rising的《Head In The Clouds II》專輯中的首次亮相。 “These Nights”是Rich Brian與韓國當今上升最快的流行歌手之一,金請夏聯手合作的單曲。金請夏在Mnet女子團體生存節目Produce 101中榮獲第4名,並在女子團體I.O.I中首次出道。她於2019年1月發佈的單曲“Gotta Go”在韓國KPop熱門100排行榜上排名第一,並在Billboard世界數字銷售榜上排名第六。今年6月,這位23歲的新星發佈了她的最新個人EP,她的單曲“ Snapping”在韓國KPop熱門100榜上排名第3,在Billboard世界數字銷售榜上排名第9。她已經是韓國的多白金唱片藝術家,並且是YouTube上搜索次數最多的K-pop女性偶像,她的音樂在全球各個平臺上積累了超過10億多的播放量。 The fourth single from 88rising’s crew album Head In The Clouds II (Oct 11 release), “These Nights” is a groundbreaking collaboration between 88rising’s very own Rich Brian and K-pop superstar CHUNG HA. A powerful 80s love ballad with a catchy chorus, haunting production, and beautiful subject matter, “These Nights” provides a fantastic final glimpse into the world of Head In The Clouds II ahead of the album’s release. “These Nights” follows previous singles “Indigo” with Indonesian genre-bending pop sensation NIKI, “Just Used Music Again” with rising Japanese dance outfit RHYME SO, and “Breathe” with Head In The Clouds II executive producer Joji as well as Don Krez. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, 20-year-old Rich Brian has had an incredible year. From stunning the internet with his Dave Meyers-directed video for “Yellow”, to earning praise from the President of Indonesia during a meeting at the Presidential Palace, and embarking on a global headlining tour, Rich Brian has scaled up the size of his creative endeavors. Following the release of his critically acclaimed album The Sailor, Brian makes his debut on 88rising’s Head In The Clouds II project with “These Nights”. On the single, Rich Brian joins forces with South Korean CHUNG HA, one of the fastest rising solo Korean pop artists. CHUNG HA’s popularity surged when she finished 4th in Mnet’s girl group survival show, Produce 101, and debuted with the girl group I.O.I before pursuing a career as a solo artist. Her standout January 2019 single “Gotta Go” debuted at #1 on Korea’s KPop Hot 100 Chart and #6 on Billboard’s World Digital Sales Chart. This past June, the 23-year-old released her latest EP Flourishing with her lead single “Snapping” charting at #3 on Korea’s KPop Hot 100 and #9 on Billboard’s World Digital Sales chart. Already a multi-platinum artist in Korea and the 4th most searched K-pop female idol on YouTube, her music has amassed over 1B+ streams across platforms worldwide. 看更多