NIKI Acoustic Sessions: Head In The Clouds II

NIKI Acoustic Sessions: Head In The Clouds II 88rising

2019-11-13 西洋/流行音樂
在88rising新專輯《Head In The Clouds II》大獲好評之際,NIKI發佈了《Head In The Clouds II》專輯中收錄的三首單曲 “Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t”, “Strange Land”, 與 “La La Lost You” 的原聲版本。本次的原聲版本,以NIKI的吉他彈唱為主,只在配樂中加入了電吉他與鍵盤和聲,在保留了原曲魅力的基礎上增添了新的情感深度。 與一些曲目的專輯版本不同,原聲版沒有其他合作者的部分,只以NIKI溫柔迷人的聲線呈現歌曲。在她與泰國創作歌手Phum Viphurit合作的“Strange Land”中,NIKI柔美且堅定的音色完美的詮釋了她與Viphurit不同的旋律部分。而在這次的原聲版“Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t”中,刪去了Rich Brian 不羈的rap部分後,僅通過NIKI的詞句來展現歌曲,使得哀傷的情感表達更加清晰動人。 在10月11日Head In The Clouds II 專輯發佈之後,新的原聲版本也緊隨其後,由88rising在11月13日公開發佈。自發行以來,該專輯已累積了超過2.05億的試聽量,並獲得了Billboard、Genius、The FADER等多方媒體的一致好評。 Fresh off the success of Head In The Clouds II, NIKI of 88rising, shares acoustic versions of three songs off the new album. “Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t”, “Strange Land”, and “La La Lost You” all get stripped down to the basics on NIKI Acoustic Sessions: Head In The Clouds II. Featuring only NIKI, her guitar, and an accompanying keyboard and electric guitar, the acoustic singles gain a new emotional depth while retaining their original charm and appeal. Where some of the original tracks featured additional collaborators, these acoustic versions are all presented through NIKI’s voice. On “Strange Land”, her collaboration with singer songwriter Phum Viphurit, NIKI lets her soft but assured vocals take the reins for both hers and Viphurit’s verses. However, the stripped-down “Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t” omits Rich Brian’s hedonistic lines, allowing NIKI to make her case all the more clear and impactful through her words alone. The new acoustic tracks comes just after the drop of Head In The Clouds II, released on October 11 via 88rising. Since its release, the album has already amassed 205M+ streams and garnered high praise from Billboard, Genius, The FADER and more. 看更多