Sugarplum Elegy

Sugarplum Elegy NIKI

2019-12-06 西洋/流行音樂
《Sugarplum Elegy》是一首完全由88rising旗下女歌手NIKI獨自撰寫和製作的歌曲,同時是NIKI在這個充滿節日氣氛的12月份送給歌迷的一份禮物。 《Sugarplum Elegy》講述了一段日趨見冷的關係正面臨著甜蜜苦澀的結局。兩個角色正處在感情的十字路口,不得不作出分手這樣一個不可挽回的決定。這首歌是當NIKI在自己的臥室裡回想起曾經一段“無論在任何方面都感到寒冷”的時光時創作的歌曲。《Sugarplum Elegy》是NIKI對於一直以來都支持自己的歌迷們的一份謝禮。 “通過山川和河谷,你們一直都在那裡。我無法表述我有多感恩關於你們給予我的愛和支援。我好愛你們!” Fully written and produced by 88rising’s resident songstress NIKI, “Sugarplum Elegy” is NIKI’s holiday gift to her fans and followers. As a narrative, “Sugarplum Elegy” depicts the glacial reality of a relationship that has come to a bittersweet stop. The two characters are at a crossroads, and have to make the unavoidable decision to part ways although nothing drastic was the catalyst. The song came to fruition in NIKI’s bedroom while she reflected upon a point in her life that “felt cold and clogged, in every sense”. Calling out to her fans as her “Constants”, NIKI sings “Sugarplum Elegy” as a thank you note to her supporters. “Through the mountaintops and the valleys, you’ve been there. and I cannot thank you enough for putting me in this position. I love you guys so much!” 看更多