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    登鸛雀樓 巨大的轟鳴

    2014-05-30 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    「港都怪人騎乘藍調,一雙臭手操弄龐克,老派新鮮的高雄生猛搖滾樂團。」 成團於2012年春天,秋天旋即解散。那年,莫名其妙萬念俱灰的主唱說:「大家不要玩團了,回家好好做人」從此成為一個流傳於台北樂團圈少數人口中的美談。 2013年夏天,做了半年的人,我們又不沮喪地跑出來了。 2014年,經過一年以來的歷練,首張正式錄音室作品「登鸛雀樓」正式發行! 甜梅號吉他手 蘇啟文: 第一次看見巨大的轟鳴這個名字時,心裡覺得這個名字取的蠻好,然後還不小心想到天空爆炸之類的名字。這四個年紀小到讓我有點不爽的小男孩所彈唱出來的,竟是如此發狂焦燥到令人近乎窒息,又有點臭酸味的藍調龐克。他們生猛的現場表演更能完全表現這種特徵和氣味! 這張EP裡的「登鸛雀樓」和「一分耕耘沒有一分收穫」這兩首充滿悲觀逃避主義的歌,也反映這好幾年來台灣社會的鬱悶和絕望已經籠罩在年輕人的周圍,沒人想甘於一輩子沉溺於虛偽的小確幸裡。 除了繼續絕望下去,我們也可以用盡全力發出我們非常不爽的巨大的轟鳴! 60's psych-jams, funked-up grooves and some garage-punk thrown in for the hell of it! Kaohsiung's The Gigantic Roar has selected a moniker that is very apt in describing their sound. No, it's not a bunch of screaming, guttural vocals and distorted guitars, but rather a seamless melding of 60's psychedelia, 70's era funk and 90's revivalist garage/punk/blues which results in a huge, cohesive 'roar'. Citing influences such as The Doors and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, this young group has made quite a splash over the course of their brief existence. Playing their first gig when they were still high school lads, they immediately proved themselves to be musically mature beyond their years. This maturity has already allowed them to be invited to every major music festival in Taiwan including the Formoz, Megaport and Rainbow Bay Festivals. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Leo has tremendous poise, charisma, magnetism and confidence onstage. Try to imagine Robert Plant, Jim Morrison and James Brown all morphed into one person, and you will get an idea of what he is all about. The music itself is riff-based, often utilizing a basic blues progression augmented with lead guitarist Tim's atonal, jazz-flavored chord structures. The rhythm section is comprised of Sam, a classically-trained pianist-turned drummer who absolutely destroys the kit, and bassist Birdy, who drives the songs with very melodic, complex bass lines. The Gigantic Roar is a rarity amongst Taiwanese indie bands for a number of reasons: their musical knowledge and tastes are far removed from what the average musician here appreciates, they refuse to follow any established trends in local music (post-rock, punk, indie-pop), and their lyrics are intelligent, humorous, ironic and twisted all at the same time. Their two-song EP "Suddenly Decided To Go To A Hot Spring" only hints at what this band is capable of in a live setting. I urge you to check them out, at least for wont of something different from the norm. Don Quan, The Mercury Bar 看更多