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    年紀 林偉強

    2020-04-24 華語/流行音樂
    林偉強 - 《年紀 》第二張EP 專輯<br /> <br />二零一四年,林偉強發行首張個人專輯《守護》。同名主打《守護》與《回心轉意》唱出涉世未深的人對愛的執著。<br /> <br />歷經了人生的洗禮,歲月的薰陶,時隔六年偉強將於今年推出第二張專輯《年紀》,與您一同品茗愛情的悲歡離合與五味雜陳。<br /> <br />初識心動的我們曾認為愛的極端就是相戀與分手。但隨著時間流逝,經驗積累,慢慢領悟愛的千百種形式,原來愛在黑白之間也有隱藏色彩。或許最美的愛不是最幸福的,而最幸福的愛也不是最美的。<br /> <br />EP裡的四首歌《年紀》、《難得青春》、《風和日麗》、《知足常樂》,唱出歲月旅程中愛情得失的感慨與對現在身旁伴侶的感激。隨著年紀成熟的我們漸漸習慣點綴平凡生活的小浪漫。能與伴侶一起仰望星空,一陣微風,一杯紅酒,也是另一種寫意。<br /> <br />《年紀》顧名思義探討著成長的過程與經歷,從剛入社會不肯透漏年紀到釋懷成熟。時間成就了紅酒的芳醇,光陰讓回憶成為人生的佳釀。從《難得青春》的瘋狂,到《風和日麗》的釋懷,方懂《知足常樂》,就讓偉強溫暖的歌聲帶您一起參透《年紀》的百感交集。<br /> <br />世界瞬息萬變,唯有好歌能喚醒隱藏的思念。<br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Aaron Matthew Lim - 《Age 》2nd EP album<br /> <br />In 2014, Aaron released his very first EP 《守護》(To Protect). <br /><br />In that album, Aaron sang about young, foolish, and crazy love, with songs like 《回心轉意》(A Change Of Heart), and his EP title song《守護》(To Protect).<br /> <br />It has taken Aaron another 6 long years before finally releasing his 2nd album -《年紀》(Age) - this year in 2020.<br /> <br />This album is close to Aaron’s heart, as the songs talk about love and its many forms. However, this is not the familiar kind of young tender love that has been sung of by many, but a bittersweet love that we can only comprehend with the passing and accumulation of time and age.<br /> <br />When Aaron was young and in love, he used to think that we only experienced love in 2 forms: we fall in love, and we fall out of love. But with the passing of time came the accumulation of experiences, and love was no longer just black or white, but it existed in a multitude of shades, colours, sensations and forms. Aaron began to appreciate that the best love for us may not be sweet, and the sweetest love may not be the best.<br /> <br />The 4 songs in this 《年紀》EP - Age, Ode to Youth, Tranquil Memories and Decanter of Life - speak from the perspective of someone who has enjoyed love over the years, and has reached a stage in his life when he just wants to spend his life with someone. He no longer wishes to go through the thrills and passions of the rollercoaster of love, but is contented to sip a glass of lovely wine and enjoy the cool breeze and moonlight with his loved one, from the comfort of a shared home.<br /> <br />Aaron decided to name this 2nd EP 《年紀》(Age) , because he feels that a lot of us fear age. We fear our age numbers getting bigger, and we are scared of getting old. However, it is only with the passing of age and time that we gain valuable life experience, and that we also have the opportunity to enjoy a life-changing love. Age is nothing to be feared, but it is something to be embraced, just like how certain wines become more aromatic with age.<br /> <br />May you enjoy Aaron’s 《年紀》(Age) EP, word by word, note by note. And may his voice soothe the ravages of time in your heart, and his songs accompany you like your shadow, in unnoticeable ways, but never leaving your side.<br /><br /><br /> <br />4 songs EP in order <br /> <br />1. 年紀 Age<br />a. ISRC SG-B02-20-00040<br />2. 難得青春 Ode to Youth<br />a. ISRC SG-B02-20-00041<br />3. 風和日麗 Tranquil Memories<br />a. ISRC SG-B02-20-00042<br />4. 知足常樂 Decanter of Life<br />a. ISRC SG-B02-20-00043 看更多


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