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    Let the Future In

    Let the Future In Far East Movement & Karen Mok

    2020-05-15 華語/流行音樂
    The Far East Movement (FM) close out an epic, one year long musical journey with "Let the Future In," with C-pop superstar Karen Mok. The final track of the X Project collection is also the title piece, with each song highlighting different aspects of Chinese arts and culture on a global stage. "Let the Future In" showcases one last glimpse of the group's trademark driving production combined with a delicate, mesmerizing performance by the legendary Ms Mok. Karen also graces the production with sounds from her Gu-Zheng, a traditional Chinese musical instrument.<br /><br />"Let the Future In" as a project has been presented in a series of mediums including songs, animated music videos, and performances. Past featured artists include superstars like Lay Zhang, Jason Zhang, VaVa, Tia Ray, and many more. The group commented, "This whole experience has been inspiring and unforgettable, and we hope it inspires other artists to try venturing out to collaborate with China as well."<br /><br />Far East Movement東方聯盟與華語流行音樂天后莫文蔚合作推出了年度音樂計畫the X Project的第十首:《Let the Future In》。作為該系列的最後一首單曲和主題曲,歌曲中融入了莫文蔚古箏彈奏的片段,將東方元素融合到西方的音樂結構裡,從不同層面展現中華藝術文化之美。擁有傳奇嗓音的莫文蔚與“金曲製造機”東方聯盟聯手,又會碰撞出怎樣的火花?著實令人期待。<br />The X Project年度音樂計畫目前已與張藝興(Lay Zhang)、張傑(Jason Zhang)、VaVa、袁婭維(Tia Ray)等超人氣歌手合作,共同發掘東方音樂文化的特點,推動亞洲音樂文化的發展。東方聯盟的成員曾表示:“這是個令人振奮、難忘的經歷,希望通過這個項目能使更多的海外藝術家與中國音樂人合作,激發世界流行音樂的無限可能。” 看更多