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    追 Chasing

    追 Chasing CORSAK 胡夢周

    2020-06-19 華語/流行音樂
    追 Chasing was inspired by a livestream session that CORSAK held earlier this year during quarantine, where he decided to co-write a full song in real-time with his fans. During the session, it was up to fans to contribute the final character of each line of the proposed song, with CORSAK then forming full sentences in the moment and singing them back to his fans. CORSAK ended up loving the final lyrics so much that he built a production around it and created a full song around it, with the final result being 追 Chasing.<br /> <br />追 Chasing is a thank you from CORSAK to all of his fans who have been a part of his journey over the last two years. 看更多


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    CORSAK 胡夢周