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    這樣就好 這樣就好

    這樣就好 這樣就好 老王樂隊

    2020-07-05 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    有幸能與公視還有年輕的朋友們合作這次的單曲,我們備感榮幸。 想要去的地方太多 卻裹足不前 想要做的事情太多 卻無能為力 在困住自己的年紀下做著自由的夢 在限制重重的環境下想著展翅翱翔 青少年交織的困境,牽手圍成了圈 氣餒的時候不必雙手握拳 因為時間會冷卻過熱的大腦 這樣就好 這樣就好 When we were young, we stretch out and try to grasp something beyond our reach. We have so much in mind but have no time and capability of doing things we long for doing. Youth comes with lots of inconvenience and has lots of momentum,however, we can do nothing against the shackles of age. As we grow up, we start to gain control of life, but we begin to gain new burdens simultaneously. Economic burdens, social expectations make it hard for us to face ourself honestly in life. We haven't been able to cut through burdens and have always lived a miserable life. 看更多


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