100 Ways (MK Remix)

100 Ways (MK Remix) 王嘉爾

2020-07-03 西洋/流行音樂
來自中國的多棲藝術家王嘉爾,2019年以專輯《MIRRORS》首次作為獨立音樂人的身份進入國際視野。《MIRRORS》一經發佈即登上Billboard 200榜單的第32位,創下中國歌手首張專輯排行榜的最高位元記錄。王嘉爾這次的首支個人專輯在多個Billboard榜單均有亮眼表現,其中包括十大新興歌手榜單首位、獨立唱片榜單首位、說唱專輯銷量榜單第二、數位唱片銷量榜單第三、唱片銷量總榜第四、即時唱片銷量榜單第四、說唱專輯總榜第18、R&B/Hip-Hop唱片榜單第22,以及百位歌手榜單第39,等好成績。 單曲“100 Ways”,自三月發佈以來已累積了超過125M的流媒體資料,成為王嘉爾迄今為止反響最好的個人單曲。這首由英國藝術家Lostboy擔綱製作的單曲,是首個登上美區電臺四十強榜單的中國個人歌手作品,目前處在榜單第31位。這樣一首特別的單曲,如今迎來了一個同等水準的混音版本,王嘉爾與目前最標誌性的DJ、製作人,MK傾力合作,加入了獨屬於MK的個人風格。這位年輕的製作人,已經擁有近30年的職業生涯。他製作的Nightcrawler “Push The Feeling On”混音版,可以說是最具標誌性的原曲混音版本,MK同時也曾擔任Will Smith的御用製作人。 MK巧妙地將“100 Ways”融入他的house曲風快節奏混音之中,精巧地使用琶音合成器和富有質感的踢鼓節奏來營造充滿活力的氛圍。夏季house風和絃與Losyboys原曲的製作完美融合,將整首歌曲變為極具Ibiza 和 Mykonos風情的夏日單曲。 在過去的一年,王嘉爾,這位26歲的歌手、詞曲作家完全將自己沉浸入了創作的世界。在《MIRRORS》正式發行之前,專輯中的首支單曲“BULLET TO THE HEART”,一經發佈即登上Billboard中國區榜單的第一位,同時也登上了中國各大社交平臺熱度榜單的首位。其他多支登榜單曲也顯示出了王嘉爾出色的詞曲創作能力,其中包括與印尼流行歌手Stephanie Poetri的合作曲目“I Love You 3000 II”,首發便登頂Billboard中國區榜單;由Gucci Mane 參與加盟的單曲“Different Game”,也在iTunes美區說唱榜單登頂;單曲“Fendiman”,更是超越了音樂和文化的壁壘,成為中國音樂人首支登頂iTunes美區單曲榜單和流行音樂榜單的單曲。 作為一個篤信音樂力量的人,王嘉爾證明瞭音樂可以跨越文化,影響全世界人類的情感並建立連接。王嘉爾在各大社交平臺上擁有超過4700萬的粉絲,同時還與獲得格萊美提名的音樂人如Swae Lee和GoldLink,以及眾多家喻戶曉的音樂人Gucci Mane 和Major Lazer等展開合作。與此同時,王嘉爾還是眾多品牌諸如Fendi, Armani Beauty, Adidas, Pepsi, Ray-Ban, BMW 和 VIVO等品牌的代言人,可以說,他突破與引領了當代文化時代的精神思潮。 Multi-talented Jackson Wang is a Chinese singer and dancer who made his debut as a global solo artist in 2019 with MIRRORS. MIRRORS debuted on the Billboard 200 Chart at #32 — marking the highest Billboard 200 Chart debut for any Chinese artist’s first album. Jackson Wang also impressively debuted across multiple Billboard charts including #1 Top 10 Emerging Artists Chart, #1 Independent Albums Chart, #2 Rap Album Sales Chart, #3 on the Digital Albums Chart, #4 Top Album Sales Chart, #4 Top Current Albums Chart, #18 Top Rap Albums Chart, #22 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and #39 Artist 100 Chart. With over 125M+ streams since its release in March, “100 Ways” is Jackson’s strongest solo release to date. Produced by British musician Lostboy, “100 Ways” is the first release by a Chinese solo artist to debut on the US Top 40 Radio Chart, currently sitting at #31. A song of this magnitude deserves a remix of equal caliber, and Jackson looked to iconic DJ and producer, MK, to add his own touch to the song. Although young, MK’s career has spanned nearly 30 years. His remix of Nightcrawler’s “Push The Feeling On” is arguably the most iconic remix of all time, and at one point, MK was even Will Smith’s in-house producer. MK beautifully twists “100 Ways” into an uptempo house anthem for his remix, carefully building energy with arpeggiated synthesizers and tasteful kick drums. Summertime house chords compliment Lostboy’s original production, transforming the song into a warm weather anthem fit for Ibiza and Mykonos. This past year, the 26-year old artist, writer, and composer has immersed himself in the creative process. Prior to the release of MIRRORS, Jackson’s first single from the album “BULLET TO THE HEART” debuted at #1 on the Billboard China Chart and peaked at #1 on the China Social Chart. Other chart topping singles that display his writing, composition and arrangement ability include, “I Love You 3000 II”, a duet with Indonesian pop sensation Stephanie Poetri which debuted at #1 on the Billboard China Chart, “Different Game” featuring Gucci Mane, which reached #1 on the US iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Chart and “Fendiman” which transcended both musical and cultural heights as the first record from a Chinese artist to chart #1 on the US iTunes Single Chart and Pop Chart. As a believer in the power of music, Jackson attests that music changes emotions and connects all cultures around the world. In addition to working with Grammy nominated artists such as Swae Lee and GoldLink and household names like Gucci Mane and Major Lazer, Jackson has amassed a cult following that exceeds 47M fans across social platforms. Jackson has pierced the cultural zeitgeist as the face of lifestyle brands such as Fendi, Armani Beauty, Adidas, Pepsi, Ray-Ban, BMW and VIVO. 看更多