Midsummer Madness 20 (feat. Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers & AUGUST 08)

Midsummer Madness 20 (feat. Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers & AUGUST 08) 88rising

2020-08-14 西洋/流行音樂
先鋒音樂與藝術團體88rising具有突破性的合作單曲“Midsummer Madness”發布兩年以來,一直是經久不衰的夏日歌單必備曲目。由Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers 以及AUGUST 08領銜製作的這支單曲迄今已累積了超4.2億流媒體數據,在Spotify的US & Globa Viral 50榜單登頂首位,並為88rising獲得了首個團體RIAA金牌單曲認證。<br /><br />在原曲大獲成功的基礎上,88rising在今夏與拉丁流行歌手兼製作人Danny Ocean攜手獻上“Midsummer Madness 20”,打破常規,此次合作勢將在全球掀起熱潮。<br /><br />作為一支出色的舞曲作品,“Midsummer Madness 20”在原曲的編曲基礎上,注入Danny Ocean新鮮的雷鬼風節奏,同時這位充滿活力的委內瑞拉歌手,還獻上了英語與西語的演唱,接著歌曲自然轉向Rich Brian和AUGUST 08帶來的新段落,同時還有Higher Brothers KnowKnow的中文旋律以及Joji抓人耳朵的副歌段落。<br /><br />Over two years since its release, pioneering music and arts collective 88rising's breakout group single, "Midsummer Madness", remains a perennial summer anthem. Helmed by Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers and AUGUST 08, the record has amassed over 420M+ streams to date , reaching #1 on Spotify's US & Global Viral 50 charts, and earning 88rising its first RIAA-Gold certification as a collective. <br /><br />Building upon the continued success of the original record, 88rising returns this summer with "Midsummer Madness 20", tapping Latin Pop singer and producer Danny Ocean for a globe-spanning collaboration that defies convention.<br /><br />An eminently danceable record, "Midsummer Madness 20" sees the original song's production infused with a fresh reggaeton bounce courtesy of Danny Ocean, with the Venezuelan powerhouse adding his own English and Spanish vocals that seamlessly transition into new verses from Rich Brian and AUGUST 08, all the while preserving KnowKnow of Higher Brother's Chinese melodies and Joji's catchy refrain. 看更多