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    1999 Rich Brian

    2020-08-25 西洋/嘻哈饒舌/流行音樂
    才華橫溢的印尼說唱音樂人Rich Brian在繼單曲“Love In My Pocket” 和 “Don't Care”的發佈之後,帶來了2020年的全新EP - 《1999》。這張共7首單曲構成的EP,由Rich Brian、Santell、Suburban Plaza和Brian的老搭檔Bekon & The Donuts共同創作並製作完成。《1999》是Rich Brian在隔離而與世隔絕的時期創作出的作品,這張EP是他對音樂與自我的內省與探尋,通過音樂來表達他在新的關係與世界中的感受。<br /><br />主打歌曲“DOA”,延續著Rich Brian的全新音樂方向,打破聽眾對他固有風格的刻板印象。Rich Brian獨特而日益成熟的演唱,加上Santelle絕妙的編曲所構成的這支歡快的單曲,將為你2020年獨特的夏天劃上完美的句號。<br />在印尼長大的Rich Brian,自小在家接受自主教育,而後他通過網路學習英語,借由網路打開了走向世界的大門。在他17歲獨自到美國生活之後,過往的經歷使他面對廣闊的新世界心生自豪卻又始終保持謙遜的態度,獨特的成長環境既給他帶來重重挑戰,又成為他重新站立的推動力。在美國不斷成長的Rich Brian,一步步完成了自己所期待的成就——從與自己喜愛的藝人21 Savage、Offset和Playboi Carti的合作,到在全世界舉辦座無虛席的演唱會與音樂節演出。Rich Brian的首張專輯《Amen》,於2018年二月發佈之後,獲得了世界範圍的好評並登上了iTunes Hip-Hop榜單的榜首——這對於亞裔音樂人來說是歷史性的第一次。Rich Brian在北美、歐洲和亞洲各地巡演的門票都銷售一空,在包括 Bonnaroo 和 Rolling Loud 等音樂節上的表現也獲得火熱的反響。<br /><br />《1999》是繼2019年發行的第二張全長專輯《The Sailor》之後的又一張絕佳之作。《The Sailor》在評論界廣受讚譽,Hypebeast發表評論稱“Rich Brian完美地詮釋了自己快速成長的聲量和亞裔的身份”。《The Sailor》 彙集了Bekon & Donuts、1Mind、Frank Dukes 和Rich Brian個人原創的眾多作品,這張專輯記錄了Brian 在公眾視野中不斷成長的過程,他從一個崛起於互聯網之上的說唱歌手逐漸成為了一位屬於全球亞裔青年人的印尼偶像和英雄。這張專輯以“100 Degrees”, “Yellow”, 和 “Kids” 作為特色主打,在全球獲得了超過3億的流媒體播放量。<br /><br />Multifaceted Indonesian rapper Rich Brian follows the release of “Love In My Pocket” and “Don't Care” with his new project 1999, a 7-track offering written & produced by Rich Brian, Santell, Suburban Plaza, and frequent collaborators Bekon & The Donuts. “1999” was inspired and crafted while Brian was under quarantine with the rest of the world. The project dives into an introspective look at Brian’s self discovery both musically and personally as he works his feelings on new relationships through his music. The focus track, “DOA” continues on Brian’s fresh new direction and breaks any expectations for his style. His ripe distinctive vocals and Santelle’s killer production make for an upbeat track to close out 2020’s unique summer.<br /> <br />Growing up homeschooled in Indonesia, Brian found the Internet to be his English teacher and window to the world beyond. After moving to America alone at the age of 17, Brian has been both awed and humbled by his experiences, as they simultaneously smack him down to Earth and lift him up. After making the leap to America, Brian has experienced all the glory of “making it” - from collaborating with the likes of 21 Savage, Offset, and Playboi Carti, to selling out shows and playing festivals around the world. Brian’s debut project Amen, released in February 2018, garnered widespread critical acclaim and topped the iTunes Hip-Hop charts - a first in history for an Asian musician. Brian has since gone on to sell out shows across North America, Europe and Asia, and festivals around the world including Bonnaroo and Rolling Loud.<br /> <br />“1999” follows 2019’s ‘The Sailor’, Brian’s second full length album. The album received critical acclaim, with Hypebeast proclaiming, “Rich Brian flawlessly tackles his sonic growth and Asian identity.” Featuring production from Bekon & The Donuts, 1Mind, Frank Dukes and Rich Brian himself, ‘The Sailor’ documents Brian’s coming-of-age in the public eye, which has taken him from an Internet-born rapper to an Indonesian icon and hero for Asian youth around the world. The album features singles “100 Degrees”, “Yellow”, and “Kids”, and has been streamed over 400M times globally. 看更多


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