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    [12:00] LOONA

    2020-10-19 韓語/流行音樂
    在巧合與註定之間所存在的命運,LOONA通過專輯《#》創造了一波想像之上的變革的潮流。開始逐漸顯露她們真正的力量,成為世界上所有的LOONA的先鋒。<br /><br />為慶賀新月的降臨,LOONA期待著新月亮力量的升起。值此之際,她們將在月亮到達最明亮相位的《[12:00]》舉行月光的慶典,在這裡沒有任何一個女孩會感覺被沉默。LOONA在命運的碰撞之中製造巧合,然後在這巧合和註定之中尋找自己的命運所在,來為午夜的慶典昭示新的消息。“與世界上所有的LOOΠΔ一起”,所有的LOOΠΔ聚集在那裡,所有人都是有尊嚴的、平等的、擁有自由的個體。全世界的女孩們集結的聲音,在新月升起之際,響亮而清晰。<br /><br />LOONA 本月少女全新專輯《[12:00]》——LOONA在巧合與註定之際,創造必然的命運。<br /><br />A destiny discovered between coincidence and fate LOONA has created a wave of change beyond imagination through [#] and has come to realize their true roles; to be pioneers for all of the LOONAs of the world. <br /><br />To celebrate the New Moon, LOONA is expecting a new moon to rise. On this occasion, they will hold a Moonlight festival at [12:00], when the moon shines the brightest—a festival where no girl will feel silenced. LOONA makes coincidence when destiny collides with fate, and finds her destiny within coincidence and fate to deliver a new message for the Midnight Festival. ‘With all LOOΠΔs around the world’, all of the LOOΠΔs across the globe will always be together, where all are dignified, equal and worthy of freedom. The united voices of the girls around the world rings loud and clear ahead of the start of the new moon. <br /><br />LOONA’s [12:00] album — where LOONA creates the inevitable through the merging of coincidence and fate. 看更多