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    Love In My Pocket (Weird Genius Remix)

    Love In My Pocket (Weird Genius Remix) Rich Brian

    2020-10-27 西洋/嘻哈饒舌/流行音樂
    才華橫溢的印尼說唱歌手Rich Brian帶來個人熱單“Love In My Pocket”的全新remix版本。這支作品是一首關於找尋注視的目光,克服舊有的恐懼,同時感知身邊的愛的單曲——所有我們應當經歷卻不知如何使之停駐的感情。 在這個全新的混音版本中,Rich Brian邀請到了印尼藝術家Weird Genius。以動人的合成器效果聞名的Weird Genius,將“Love In My Pocket”改編成了一首有著充滿活力的鼓點與富有節奏感的人聲的快節奏舞曲。 Multifaceted Indonesian rapper Rich Brian returns with a remix for “Love In My Pocket.” The song is about living in an environment of attention being sought, and old fears being conquered, with love happening around you -- love that you feel you deserve to experience but don’t know how to get. For the remix, Rich Brian taps fellow Indonesian artists Weird Genius. Known for their tantalizing synth lines, Weird Genius flips “Love In my Pocket” into an upbeat dance anthem with energetic drums and modulated vocal stabs. 看更多


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    Rich Brian