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    嘻哈帝国 (Empire)

    嘻哈帝国 (Empire) Higher Brothers

    2020-11-09 華語/嘻哈饒舌/流行音樂
    繼2019年2月發佈第二張團體專輯《Five Stars》之後,被紐約時報盛讚為“當今中國說唱界的超級新星團體“ - Higher Brothers在這一年多的時間裡動作不斷,先後發佈個人solo專輯:馬思唯的《黑馬王子》,KnowKnow的《Mr. Enjoy Da Money》,Melo的《Old Master》,以及PSY.P的《PSYLIFE.25》。如今他們以更高更好的狀態回到四人陣型,帶著全新單曲“Empire 嘻哈帝國”強勢歸來。這場來勢洶洶的回歸,由馬思唯全權操刀製作,有著Higher Brothers最標誌性的trap曲風,以及四個人默契無間的配合。“Empire”將再次向眾人展現Higher Brothers作為中國說唱團體標杆的無限能量。究竟Higher Brothers接下來還會為大家帶來什麼樣的驚喜,讓我們共同拭目以待。<br /><br />Following the release of their second group album, “Five Stars”, in February 2019, Higher Brothers, hailed by the New York Times as “the new rapstars of China today, ” has been on the move for more than a year, releasing solo albums from members: “Prince Charming” from Ma Siwei, then “Mr. Enjoy Da Money” from KnowKnow, with Melo’s solo album “Old Master”, and then came“PSYLIFE.25” by Psy.P. Now they’re back in a higher, better four-man formation with this new single, “Empire”.This time’s menacing comeback, with production entirely by Maxwell, featuring the Higher Brothers’ most iconic music style, trap, and the four of them working in unison. “Empire” will once again show us the Higher Brothers’ boundless energy as a benchmark for Chinese rap groups. Let’s see what surprises the Higher Brothers have in store for us. 看更多


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