X 金請夏

2021-01-19 韓語/流行音樂
繼《Dream of You (with R3HAB)》的發行之後,K-Pop super star金請夏攜最新單曲《X》回歸,為即將發行的個人首張錄音室專輯接上最後一塊拼圖。<br /><br />金請夏的最新專輯編排共包含了3個不同的章節,分別展現每首歌曲的不同主題和各種音樂色彩。每個專輯章節都有自己的主打單曲,將整張專輯分為各自獨立又渾然一體的三個部分。<br /><br />這些單曲就像各異的光線,共同折射出金請夏這一美麗的完整光譜。<br /><br />本張專輯還包含了來自The Black Skirts的製作,也是對金請夏生活側面的詮釋。現在是時候為這張請夏的音樂版圖合上第三塊也是最後一塊拼圖。<br /><br />關於《X》金請夏這樣說:<br /><br />曾保護著我的紐帶已被殘酷地打破,一切經歷都非夙願。所有曾許諾過永恆的人都一個個離開。當我到達人生的最低谷,一路披荊斬棘,將時間甩在身後,我成為了一個全新的自己。<br /><br />在煽動著我夢想的光亮和保護著我的紫色星空之中,有著無數的愛,將我包裹。從毀壞的碎片和無數傷痕中,我重建了自我。<br /><br />如果你在某處看著我,千萬不要忘記,為你,我付出過最大的努力。<br /><br />Following the release of "Dream of You (with R3HAB)", K-Pop superstar CHUNG HA returns with her latest single, "X", the last puzzle piece to complete the upcoming 1st studio album. <br /><br /><br />The album is orchestrated with three different chapters that encompass different themes and various musical colors for each track. Each album Chapter has its own main single, and is broken down into 3 segments.<br /><br />Just as light can refract and unfold delicately into a beautiful spectrum, these singles represent a crucial sliver of the whole spectrum of CHUNG HA.<br /><br /><br />The album concludes with production from The Black Skirts that serves as an interpretation of CHUNG HA’s life. Now is the time to place the third and final piece of the puzzle.<br /><br /><br />About "X", CHUNG HA says:<br /><br />“The bond that protected me has been cruelly broken, and nothing has come to pass as I wished. All those who had promised eternity have left, one by one, and I have reached the lowest trough of my life. As I journey through the thorns and time falls behind, I have become an entirely new person.<br /><br />Among the light that incites my dreams and the purple, starry sky that protects me, lives an immense love that binds me. From the broken shards and countless wounds, I have finally rebuilt myself.<br /><br />If you’re watching me from somewhere, don’t ever forget that to you, I gave my best.” 看更多