Lovers In The Night

Lovers In The Night Seori

2021-03-18 西洋/流行音樂
Seori是一位元有著獨特嗓音與敏銳音樂直覺的南韓R&B與靈魂樂歌手,2019年起,她開始在YouTube上發佈翻唱視頻並由此走入大眾的視野。她的經典翻唱作品有Khaild的 “Talk,” Rachael Yamagata的單曲 “Be be your love”, 以及Abir的 “Tango”等。這些翻唱視頻總計獲得了逾千萬的觀看量,使她在正式出道前就建立起了良好的粉絲基礎。她的首張個人專輯《[?depacse ohw]》,描繪了Seori充滿夢幻又敏感脆弱的心靈世界。<br /><br />緊接她最近發佈的單曲“Trigger”之後,Seori再次帶來最新單曲“Lovers In The Night”。這支作品是一首苦樂參半的歌曲,講述了新戀情的匆忙與不確定性。在單曲中,Seori感懷地唱出即將結束的夜晚,展現出她音樂創作中令人期待的新風格。<br /><br />Seori is a Korean R&B/Soul singer based in South Korea. In 2019, she began to gain attention for her presence on song covers on YouTube. Her covers of Khaild’s “Talk,” Rachael Yamagata’s “Be be your love”, and more collected over 10 million views, allowing her to establish solid fan base even before her official debut. Her previous album, “?depacse ohw” depicted Seori’s dreamy and weak side.<br /><br />Following the release of her recent release "Trigger", Seori's newest single "Lovers In The Night" is a bittersweet song about the rush and uncertainty of new love. Throughout the track, Seori sings nostalgically about a night that has yet to end, showcasing an electrifying new side to her artistry. 看更多