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    穿過夜晚 Go Through the Night

    穿過夜晚 Go Through the Night 大象體操

    2021-04-01 華語/爵士音樂/獨立/實驗
    黑夜籠罩之後,熟悉的日常逐漸褪色。<br />清楚地感覺到自己正穿越扭曲的時間與畫面,<br />在那裡,我遇見另一個你,比記憶中更加鮮明,<br />也遇見另一個我,比想象中更加勇敢,<br />一起往規則改變的未知前進。<br /><br />睜眼的那一刻便越過了黑夜。<br /><br />---------<br />大象體操2021年度單曲《穿過夜晚》,創作始於與日本樂團toe在疫情期間舉辦的線上合作演出。與toe的團員討論後,取樣其經典曲目 "Two Moons" 的木吉他音軌重新創作,除向喜愛的樂團致敬,也以大象體操的器樂特色詮釋夢境虛實交雜的獨特場景,為探討夢境作為主題的下一張專輯揭開序幕。<br /><br />When the night fell, the familiar daily life gradually faded.<br />I could feel the passing through distorted time and picture.<br />There, I met you, more vivid than I remembered.<br />There was another me, braver than ever. <br />Together, we walked toward the unknown, where the rules were changed.<br /><br />The moment we opened our eyes, we have gone through the night.<br /><br />---------<br />The creation of Elephant Gym's 2021 single “Go Through the Night” stemmed from their collaboration with the Japanese band toe for an online performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. <br /><br />The trio sampled the acoustic guitar track of toe’s classic song "Two Moons" and rearranged it. In addition to paying tribute to their beloved band, Elephant Gym uses their distinctive instrumental features to interpret the unique scene of when reality intertwines with illusion in dreams. <br /><br />This song is the opening statement of Elephant Gym’s next album, which centers on the idea of dreams. 看更多


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