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    INDIGO - Fate (feat. Vast & Hazy KaKa)

    INDIGO - Fate (feat. Vast & Hazy KaKa) DFT

    2021-05-11 西洋/電音舞曲/流行音樂
    DFT HOTEL CLOUD With their new album, The producer team “DFT TOKYO” has launched a virtual hotel called “HOTEL CLOUDʼ. This 3rd album invites various artists to their guest room. For this album DFT joined with Music label “bpm tokyo” which recently launched “bpm asia” ; The album consists of 8 songs, 2 are co-produce with bpm Asia. HOTELCLOUD appeared out of nowhere, on the astral plane. Once you enter you will be invited to a world youʼ ve never knew. Inside there are 8 guest rooms, each has its own color. If entered you will be absorbed into the world inside. What DFT wants to express with this album: Pressure on the eardrum, Brain Trip by every detail from DRUM ,BASS,Every single sound Simplicity,Air Humidity sensation Temperature sense Texture. The artists who were invited to HOTEL CLOUD are: Thailandʼ s MVPʼ s “DABOYWAY” and” Big Calo” of Thaitanium and the upcoming female MC/Rapper “Pearja” , “RUDEBWOYFACE” and “AKANE” from Japan. From the U.S. Rapper “Leadʼ from New York and singer / song writer Chevy Legato from Cleveland, Ohio. “Vast & Hazy KaKa” from Taiwan who is featured in our music video that supports WITH ALS in awareness of als desease. 看更多


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