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    溯 UNDO

    溯 UNDO 野東西

    2021-07-20 華語/搖滾/流行音樂
    野東西首張達悟族語創作專輯《溯UNDO》收錄七首原創族語歌曲,詞、曲、編曲皆由團員共同完成,而其中一首傳統古調「拍手歌」,為本專輯族語指導陳俊良老師的外公郭戶由先生(已故)演唱。<br />整張創作專輯除為樂團對十年演唱生涯所做的回顧與反思,封面以賽博龐克(Cyberpunk)的影像來表達千禧後科技加速發展,人類反面臨更加扭曲與虛無的灰黯世界,當地球上所有資源被巨獸企業壟斷之後,可能產生 「高端科技與低端人生」(high tech and low life)的大哉問。以飛行船示意為達悟的拼板舟,在倒影與現實之間隱喻過去、現在及未來的穿梭。<br /><br />專輯名稱《溯UNDO》,有破壞、重新(生)、過去與未來的意義,未來的意義在於不曾被過去所經歷,以及不斷地被更新,我們活在無限可能的世界裡,在高度發展的科技環境中,現實(過去/破壞)與虛擬(未來/重新「生」)之間的界線越來越模糊,看似兩個對立的端點之間卻只有一線之隔。<br /><br />The first Wild Thing’s Tao language creation album【UNDO】contains seven original language ethnic songs, including the lyrics, melody, and arrangements are all completed together by the group members. One of the traditional hackneyed tunes, "Clap Song", was a vocal performance by the guidance of this ethnic language album, Mr. Chen Junliang’s grandfather, Guo Huyou (deceased.) <br /> <br />This album creation is made to commemorate its ten-year singing career as a review and reflection. The cover of the album is composed of cyberpunk images to express the accelerated development of science and technology after the millennium, that humans have to face the gloomy world of distortion and nihilism. When all the resources on the earth are monopolized by giant enterprises, there might cause a big question of "high tech and low life. “So, we use a metaphor to signify the Tatala (a Fishing Boat of Orchi) between the inverted image and reality, like the shuttle in the past, the present, and the future.<br /> <br />The title of this album【UNDO】has purport of destruction, renewal (reborn,) past and future. The meaning of the future is based on the past which has never been experienced and will constantly be updated. And we live in a world full of infinite possibilities. In a highly developed technological environment, there is a demarcation line between reality (past/destruction) and the virtual (future/rebirth,) has been getting more blurred, and actually, it is only a line between these two opposing points. Sometimes life can be complicated, if you look at another angle, things will become simple. 看更多


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