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    預告 愛人眼睛

    2021-06-17 本土方言/流行音樂/獨立/實驗
    《預告》這首歌是我們以前的intro,後來我填上了可能是自以為比較適合它的歌詞,也蠻像是這首歌想說的事情,也許沒有什麼絕對的適合,也可能我們以為的適合都在一些互相消磨的時間裡流逝了,但那些徵兆我們明明都看見、也感受到,卻還是讓他們就這樣走了。 在這些暫時沒辦法和大家面對面見面的日子裡和大家分享預告這首歌,希望大家在一首歌的想像裡,有了一些想要抓緊珍愛的人事物的力量。 The song "Sign" is our previous intro. Later, I filled in lyrics that I thought might be more suitable for it, and it was quite like what the song wanted to say. Maybe there is nothing absolutely suitable, or maybe we think it is suitable. All of them have passed in some time wasting each other, but we have seen and felt those signs, but let them go like this. In these days when there is no way to meet with you face to face for the time being, I will share this song with you. I hope that everyone has some power to grasp the people and things that you want to cherish in the imagination of a song. 看更多


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